'The place where sea meets splendour'

    Providing the personal service of a 'life style' hotel, on a location of Mediterranean luxury, Aphrodite Hotel offers visitors the opportunity to admire the beauty of the Black Sea. The hotel offers an elegant mixture between the silence of the Black Sea, the charm of the English gardens and modern art-deco. Experience the diversity of the wonderful location and enjoy the pastel sunrises and sunsets of the infinite sky.

 Brief History

Purchased in 2004, Felicia  Hotel ** was converted until the reinstatement in the tourist circuit in the summer of 2006, in a dream location, a paradise of colours, beauty, intimacy and luxury services specific to a location of four stars, today bearing the name Aphrodite Hotel ****. 
Aphrodite Hotel **** is located in the Venus Resort, on the Black Sea coast, near the town of Mangalia.  It features 5 luxury suites, 114 double rooms and 5 single rooms, equipped with air conditioning, minibar, cable TV, telephone with international access and wireless internet.

 Why Hotel Aphrodite? 

 There are legends that say the goddess Aphrodite was born from the foam of the sea waves and her beauty would be surpassed any imagination.  Beyond the legend, Aphrodite left in people’s consciousness the beauty, the sensuality and the charm of a full womanhood.
 Because it doesn’t betray its name, you will find in  the ambiance of the  Hotel Aphrodite **** all the sensations and the feelings that will remind and fully convince you of the qualities of the goddess of beauty.

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